Fly Fishing Book of Revelation: The Ultimate Irreverent Illustrated Fly Fishing Glossary

Fly Fishing Book of Revelation: The Ultimate Irreverent Illustrated Fly Fishing Glossary
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Fly Fishing Book of Revelation isn’t your ordinary, fact-based, reference guide to language bandied about by fly anglers. Nope. This is the Director’s Cut glossary, an exposition that will shine a light on the meaning, origin, folklore, etiquette, and nuance of words, phrases, commercial products, concepts and morality permeating the culture and practice of fly fishing, fly tying, and the life of men and women who fish. Fly Fishing Book of Revelation is interpreter, road map, and a page-turner that dares to tell the truth; destined to be judged cult-classic. Book of Revelation will help normal people understand what is really going on in the heads of fly anglers. Normal people, as defined here, means persons not afflicted with the fishing fever and includes girlfriends, boyfriends, spouses, bosses, co-workers, children, brothers, sisters, parents, cell mates, parole officers, attorneys, mental health professionals, therapists, HR specialists, financial advisors, neighbors and the like. Are you dating a fly angler, wondering what is going on in that guy or gal’s brain? Perhaps you’ve been married to a fly fisher for 20 years and still don’t understand half the stuff your spouse says about fishing or fly tying? Maybe you are a teenager with a fly angler/fly tyer father, and you’re concerned that you might have inherited a crazy gene from dad. Are you a boss with avid fly anglers under your supervision? Do you wonder if you should just fire every one of ‘em and get it over with? The therapist treating a fly fisher for OCD should read this book, because behaviors that you might have thought pathological are quite normal, for fly fishers/fly tyers. You could be anyone who fishes anywhere and enjoy this book: any guy or gal who plunks worms for bluegill; minnows for crappie; chicken gizzards for catfish; swings Intruders in Great Lakes tributaries; or throws lazer-tight loops into a headwind on a Florida tarpon flat. Fly anglers in the Pacific Northwest assuredly aren’t the only people who will find wisdom and more than a few laughs in these pages. Book of Revelation will shine a light on the everyday madness cluttering a fly angler/tyer’s head. The definitions, rants, lectures, and speculations are as wild as any you’ll ever find in a fishing reference book. "Book of Revelation" defines over fourteen hundred terms and is accompanied by several hundred Nicholas original sketches. Judging from dual Forewords by Mikhail Skopets (Fly Fishing Russia) and Randy Stetzer (Flies – The Best One Thousand); as well as reviews by John Larison (Northwest of Normal, Holding Lies), Tim Rajeff (International fly tying champion), and Rob Russell (Modern Steelhead Flies), "Book of Revelation" is a must read for anyone remotely involved with fishing, and especially for fly fishers and their loved ones. Look forward to learning about what a fly fisher thinks when he or she hears terms like amnesia, boobies, bucket, bugger barn, cheeter, dink, pull, fighting butt, fish taco, high sticking, line rub, milt, magic head, notty girls, man room, Nymo, player, Seal Dri, remorse, romp, sex, snarf, stinger, TV tray, renegade, whistler, yap, zinger, and more. Please note: I encourage all who purchase these books to take them to a business like Office Max or Kinkos and get them coil bound with a plastic cover sheet. It is rather inexpensive to do so and it makes it easy to lay the book flat open on a desk and prolongs the "like new" appearance of each book. Thank you very much. JN

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